Monday, February 15, 2016

Flies and sleep and neuronal diseases -- review

Zordan MA, Sandrelli F. Circadian Clock Dysfunction and Psychiatric Disease: Could Fruit Flies have a Say? Front Neurol. 2015 Apr 20;6:80. PMID: 25941512; PMCID: PMC4403521.

From the abstract: "There is evidence of a link between the circadian system and psychiatric diseases. ... Disruption of clock genes and/or the clock network might be related to the etiology of these pathologies; also, some genes, known for their circadian clock functions, might be associated to mental illnesses through clock-independent pleiotropy. Here, we examine the features which we believe make Drosophila melanogaster a model apt to study the role of the circadian clock in psychiatric disease. ... We sum up current knowledge on behavioral endophenotypes, which are amenable to modeling in flies, such as defects involving sleep, cognition, or social interactions, and discuss the relationship of the circadian system to these traits. Finally, we consider if Drosophila could be a valuable asset to understand the relationship between circadian clock malfunction and psychiatric disease."

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