Monday, June 22, 2015

Review--fly models and intellectual disability

Androschuk A, Al-Jabri B, Bolduc FV. From Learning to Memory: What Flies Can Tell Us about Intellectual Disability Treatment. Front Psychiatry. 2015 Jun 3;6:85. PMID: 26089803; PMCID: PMC4453272.

From the abstract: "Intellectual disability (ID) ... affects 3% of the population and remains without pharmacological treatment. ... several model organisms have proven valuable in developing and screening candidate drugs. One such model organism is the fruit fly Drosophila. First, we review the current understanding of memory in human and its model in Drosophila. Second, we describe key signaling pathways involved ... Third, we characterize the types of memory defects found in patients with ID. Finally, we discuss how important insights gained from Drosophila learning and memory could be translated in clinical research to lead to better treatment development. "

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