Friday, August 31, 2012

Drosophila models of deafness. Foundational report.

This paper describes a large-scale effort to further develop Drosophila as a model for study of hearing and hearing-related diseases.

Pingkalai R. Senthilan, David Piepenbrock, Guvanch Ovezmyradov, Björn Nadrowski, Susanne Bechstedt, Stephanie Pauls, Margret Winkler, Wiebke Möbius, Jonathon Howard, Martin C. Göpfert. Drosophila Auditory Organ Genes and Genetic Hearing Defects. Cell 31 August 2012 (Vol. 150, Issue 5, pp. 1042-1054).

The study includes but is not limited to comparative mRNA analysis to identify relevant transcripts; in situ hybridization to visualize transcripts in a relevant organ; and characterization of auditory phenotypes. A Cell 'Preview' article by Lewis & Steel is also available. These authors describe the study by Senthilan et al. as providing "a new resource to aid identification of genes involved in deafness."

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